What to look for in a coastal hotel

So you’ve decided on a vacation and now you need to find a good hotel. Whether you have a generous budget or not, there are certain things that you need from your accommodation. For some people, it may be enough to have a bed and a bathroom, but others may need more.

Living area

Some hotels – those that have good size rooms – will have a separate seating area in the room. Not everyone will need this but if you are staying any length of time and will be in the room more than usual it will be useful. For a coastal hotel where sand might get tracked into the room, they may put an Ikea sofa slipcover on the couch so that it can be easily washed and the couch doesn’t succumb to wear and tear as quickly as it would normally. The IKEA sofa slipcovers also mean that they can be updated when needed as they tend to be a standard size. Ikea sofa slipcovers come in a range of colours and so will suit any home decor.


If you are planning to spend a lot of time on the beach or taking part in water sports you might find that a hotel that has a laundry service is more useful to you than one without. There may be extra charges for this but some hotels also have a laundry room that you can just use yourself if you need it.

You might also want to consider if the hotel offers lunch and evening meals as well as breakfast. Not all the coastal hotels do as there are often restaurants nearby but it can be useful to have these facilities in the hotel you stay in just in case you do not feel like going out.